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Tor Doubles are a series of science fiction books published by Tor Books between 1988 and 1991, mostly in tête-bêche format. The series was inspired by the Ace Doubles, published between 1952 and 1973.

Titles in the series[edit]

This list is complete and includes ISBN numbers for the United States.

# First book Second book Publication date ISBN
1 Arthur C. Clarke
A Meeting with Medusa
Kim Stanley Robinson
Green Mars
October 1988 0-8125-3362-3
2 Greg Bear
Timothy Zahn
Cascade Point
November 1988 0-8125-5971-1
3 Robert Silverberg
Born With The Dead
Brian W. Aldiss
The Saliva Tree
December 1988 0-8125-5952-5
4 John Varley
Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo
Samuel R. Delany
The Star Pit
January 1989 0-8125-5956-8
5 Poul Anderson
No Truce With Kings
Fritz Leiber
Ship of Shadows
February 1989 0-8125-5958-4
6 Barry B. Longyear
Enemy Mine
John Kessel
Another Orphan
March 1989 0-8125-5963-0
7 Vonda N. McIntyre
James Tiptree, Jr.
The Girl Who Was Plugged In
April 1989 0-8125-4554-0
8 Leigh Brackett
The Nemesis From Terra
Edmond Hamilton
Battle for the Stars
May 1989 0-8125-5960-6
9 Isaac Asimov
The Ugly Little Boy
Theodore Sturgeon
The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff
June 1989 0-8125-5966-5
10 Robert Silverberg
Sailing to Byzantium
Gene Wolfe
Seven American Nights
July 1989 0-8125-5924-X
11 James Tiptree, Jr.
Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
Joanna Russ
August 1989 0-8125-5962-2
12 Roger Zelazny
He Who Shapes
Kate Wilhelm
The Infinity Box
September 1989 0-8125-5879-0
13 Kim Stanley Robinson
The Blind Geometer
Ursula K. Le Guin
The New Atlantis
October 1989 0-8125-0010-5
14 Poul Anderson
The Saturn Game
Gregory Benford and Paul A. Carter
November 1989 0-8125-0277-9
15 Jack Vance
The Last Castle
Robert Silverberg
December 1989 0-8125-0194-2
16 James Tiptree, Jr.
The Color of Neanderthal Eyes
Michael Bishop
And Strange At Ecbatan The Trees
January 1990 0-8125-5964-9
17 L. Sprague de Camp
Divide and Rule
Leigh Brackett
The Sword of Rhiannon
February 1990 0-8125-0362-7
18 C.L. Moore
Vintage Season
Robert Silverberg
In Another Country[note 1]
February 1990 0-8125-0193-4
19 Fritz Leiber
Ill Met in Lankhmar
Charles de Lint
The Fair in Emain Macha
March 1990 0-8125-0821-1
20 L. Sprague de Camp
The Wheels of If
Harry Turtledove
The Pugnacious Peacemaker [note 1]
April 1990 0-8125-0202-7
21 Roger Zelazny
Home is the Hangman
Samuel R. Delany
We, In Some Strange Power's Employ,
Move On A Rigorous Line
May 1990 0-8125-0983-8
22 Leigh Brackett
The Jewel of Bas
Karen Haber
Thieves' Carnival [note 1]
June 1990 0-8125-0272-8
23 Norman Spinrad
Riding The Torch
Joan D. Vinge
The Tin Soldier
July 1990 0-8125-0551-4
24 Roger Zelazny
The Graveyard Heart
Walter Jon Williams
Elegy For Angels And Dogs [note 1]
August 1990 0-8125-0275-2
25 John M. Ford
Fugue State
Gene Wolfe
The Death of Doctor Island
September 1990 0-8125-0813-0
26 John Varley
Press Enter■
Robert Silverberg
Hawksbill Station
October 1990 0-8125-5948-7
27 Orson Scott Card
Eye For Eye
Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
The Tunesmith [note 2]
November 1990 0-8125-0854-8
28 Kim Stanley Robinson
A Short Sharp Shock
Jack Vance
The Dragon Masters
December 1990 0-8125-0895-5
29 Ian Watson
Nanoware Time
John Varley
The Persistence of Vision
January 1991 0-8125-5940-1
30 Poul Anderson
The Longest Voyage
Steve Popkes
Slow Lightning
March 1991 0-8125-1170-0
31 Gordon R. Dickson
Naked To The Stars
Gordon R. Dickson
The Alien Way
February 1991 0-8125-0396-1
32 Harlan Ellison
Run For The Stars
Jack Dann and Jack C. Haldeman II
Echoes of Thunder
April 1991 0-8125-1180-8
33 Mike Resnick
Mike Resnick
May 1991 0-8125-1246-4
34 Damon Knight
Rule Golden
Damon Knight
Double Meaning
June 1991 0-8125-1294-4
35 Dean Ing
Silent Thunder
Robert A. Heinlein
July 1991 0-8125-0265-5
36 Fritz Leiber
Conjure Wife
Fritz Leiber
Our Lady Of Darkness
August 1991 0-8125-1296-0

In 1985, Tor published two Keith Laumer novellas in the dos-a-dos format with the "Tor Double" label (The Other Sky/The House in November), but it was not part of the series.[1]

At least one more in the series was prepared but never published: Esther Friesner's Yesterday We Saw Mermaids paired with Lawrence Watt-Evans's The Final Folly of Captain Dancy would have been series number 37.[2]


  1. ^ a b c d This is a sequel to the first book, and is bound together the same way up: i.e. not in dos-à-dos format
  2. ^ This is not in dos-à-dos format


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