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TORO Magazine
Toromagazinecom logo.png
Official Logo
Editor-in-chief William Morassutti
Categories Men's
First issue 2003
Final issue 2007
Country Canada
Language English
ISSN 1709-1314 is an English language, web-only multimedia publication, billing itself as "the go-to destination for the discerning male." TORO uses state-of-the-art technology to examine contemporary society, with a humorous outlook on the best and worst of modern culture. TORO has established itself as a showcase for diverse subjects, including sports, style, drinks, cars, gadgets, gear and women.[citation needed]

Brand lineage[edit]

In 2003, TORO magazine entered into the Canadian marketplace as a glossy men's lifestyle publication, with complimentary issues distributed inseam of The Globe and Mail. During its print run, TORO garnered a number of accolades for its vision and style. During its four-year run, TORO garnered more than 60 National Magazine Award nominations.[1] In 2007, TORO magazine suspended publication[2] – but Black Angus Media, a full-service digital media company that controlled TORO's electronic rights, was interested in continuing its run electronically.

William Morassutti, Editorial Director and Executive Director of TORO magazine, had co-founded Black Angus Media with TORO founder Chris Bratty in order to extend the brand into electronic and digital media. On May 21, 2008, Black Angus Media launched TORO as a web-only publication,

Content overview[edit]'s original content lineup spans videos, blogs, photo galleries, live music, and graphic novels, making TORO a multi-dimensional, 21st Century brand[citation needed]. Its office set-up located in downtown Toronto includes a state-of-the-art high definition video studio for production and post-production and a diverse stable of contributors, including writers, videographers, photographers, illustrators, and web designers. The production team includes editors and digital strategists – and the site's strategic partnerships branch out to encompass advertising, marketing, and public relations firms.

Print covers[edit]

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