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Toroidh was a martial music project by Swedish musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (of industrial band Maschinenzimmer 412 fame). Bjorkk has described it as a continuation of Folkstorm, his previous project. In 2015 the project was discontinued.[1]


  • Question: Back to Toroidh and to your World War II fascinations. What is so interesting in this period of world history that has so much influenced yourself?
  • Answer: It is such a good example of the madness of mankind, and it was something that really affected more or less the whole world. What fascinates me most is the dedication that people had died for their countries and for their beliefs...


  • For The Fallen Ones (Eternal Soul Records, 7")
  • Europe Is Dead (Cold Spring, 2001, CD)
  • Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It (205 Recordings, 2001, CD & LP)
  • Enter Nordvargr, one track on compilation (Old Europa Cafe, 2002, 2xCD)
  • Start Over (Neuropa Records, 2003, 2x7")
  • Testament (205 Recordings, 2003, CD)
  • Chamber, one track on compilation (Cold Spring, 2003, CD)
  • United in Blood (together with Arditi) (Neuropa Records, 2004, CD)
  • A Final Testimony, one track on compilation (Seküencias De Culto, 2004, 2xCD)
  • Offensiv! (Eternal Soul Records, 2004, CD)
  • European Trilogy (War Office Propaganda, 2006, 3-CD boxset)
  • The Final Testament (Eternal Pride Productions, 2006, CD)
  • Segervittring (Neuropa Records, 2007, CD)


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