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Arditi is a Swedish martial industrial and neoclassical band. It consists of Henry Möller (Puissance and Leidungr) and Mårten Björkman from black metal bands Algaion and Octinomos. Arditi formed in 2001, deriving their name from the early Italian special forces unit known as the Arditi. They released their first EP, Unity of Blood in 2002, following it soon after was their first full-length album, Marching on to Victory in 2003. Since then Arditi has released four more full-length albums, Spirit of Sacrifice in 2005, Standards of Triumph in 2006, Omne Ensis Impera in 2008, Leading the Iron Resistance in 2011 as well as three more EPs, including a limited edition split album with Toroidh.

Arditi has collaborated with Swedish black metal band Marduk on the tracks "1651", "Deathmarch" and "Warschau III: Necropolis".[1]


Year Title Format
2002 Unity of Blood EP
2003 Marching on to Victory CD
2003 Jedem das Seine EP
2004 United in Blood CD
2005 Promotape '05 Demo
2005 Spirit of Sacrifice CD
2006 Destiny of Iron EP
2006 Standards of Triumph CD
2008 Omne Ensis Impera CD
2009 Statues of Gods / Invictis Victi Victuri Split
2011 One Will EP
2011 Leading the Iron Resistance CD
2014 Atomtrakt / Arditi Split
2014 Imposing Elitism CD
2014 Pylons of the Adversary Split
2015 March for the Gods EP

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