Torped 613

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Torped 613
Swedish Navy Torped 613.jpg
Type Heavyweight torpedo
Place of origin Sweden
Service history
In service 1983–present (Torped 613)
Used by Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Production history
Manufacturer Förenade fabriksverken (FFV)
Weight C.a 1800 kg
Length 7 m
Width 533 mm
Diameter 533 mm

Effective firing range 20 km
Warhead high explosive
Warhead weight 300 kg
proximity fuze

Engine piston engine
Propellant Alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide
Wire guided and controlled homing

Torped 613 is a heavyweight torpedo still in use by the Swedish Navy. It is wire-guided and has a passive sonar sensor, which sends back information through the wire. The torpedo was developed in the 1970s as a cooperation project between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Testing was done during the period 1981-1983.

Like the older Swedish version Torped 61 introduced in the mid-1960s, it is driven by alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, which gives long range and a minimum exhaust trail.

The torpedo is planned to be replaced by the more modern Torped 62.


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