Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits

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Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits
Compilation album by Toshinobu Kubota
Released 1998
Genre R&B, pop
Length 74:13
Label Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong
Toshinobu Kubota chronology
La La La Love Thang'
(1996)La La La Love Thang'1996
Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits
The Best of Kubota Toshinobu
(1999)The Best of Kubota Toshinobu1999

Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits is the third series of greatest hits compilations by Japanese singer Toshinobu Kubota. The album was only released in 1998 in Hong Kong on the Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong recording label.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ahhhhh!
  2. La La La Love Song (featuring Naomi Campbell)
  3. Cry On Your Smile
  4. Missing
  5. Amaoto
  6. Dance If You Want It
  7. Honey B
  8. Mayonakano Taiyo
  9. Just the Two of Us (So So Def Remix) (featuring Caron Wheeler)
  10. Telephoto
  11. Shoot the Hoop!
  12. Love Reborn (Kc's "What'Cha Gonna Do?" Remix)
  13. La La La Love Song (Midnight Piano Version)


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