Tour de Capigliolo

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Tour de Capigliolo
Tour de Capigliolo.jpg
Coordinates 42°3′55.6″N 8°43′22.3″E / 42.065444°N 8.722861°E / 42.065444; 8.722861Coordinates: 42°3′55.6″N 8°43′22.3″E / 42.065444°N 8.722861°E / 42.065444; 8.722861
Built 1582
Architect unknown
Tour de Capigliolo is located in Corsica
Tour de Capigliolo
Location of Tour de Capigliolo in Corsica

The Tour de Capigliolo (Corsican: Torra di Capigliolu) is a ruined Genoese tower located in the commune of Casaglione (Corse-du-Sud) on the west coast of the French island of Corsica. The tower sits at a height of 91 metres (299 ft) on the Punta Capigliolo headland to the north of the Golfu di a Liscia.

The construction of the tower was begun in 1582. It was one of a series of coastal defences constructed by the Republic of Genoa between 1530 and 1620 to stem the attacks by Barbary pirates.[1] In 2007 the tower was added to the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage (Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel) maintained by the French Ministry of Culture. The tower is privately owned.[2]

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