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The Tour de Donut is an annual bicycle race held in Staunton, Illinois. In this unique 30-mile race, riders' times are reduced by five minutes for each doughnut they consume during two pit stops in the nearby towns of Mt. Olive and Eagerville.[1]


The Tour de Donut was started in 1989 by a group of Southwestern Illinois cyclists who thought a race spoofing the Tour de France would be a natural.[clarification needed][2] Members of the now defunct Mid-America Bicycle Club were discussing ideas for a unique ride, and the Tour de Donut was born. The Mid-America Bicycle Club folded in 1998 and former members sought a new sponsor. Since then, St. Louis’ Boeing Employees Bicycle Club has sponsored the event. The race is also sponsored by the Staunton Chamber of Commerce.


Staunton, Illinois[edit]

The first race started in 1989 with approximately 25 riders. The race has grown throughout the years and now has over 1,000 cyclists participate in the race. The 2011 event had over 1,600 finishers.[citation needed]

Arcanum, Ohio[edit]

In September 2007 a Tour de Donut was started in Arcanum, Ohio by Colavita Ohio Cycling club. The annual event has grown into the largest ride one day ride in Ohio and is held the first Saturday after Labor Day. The 2010 event had 703 finishers. The 2011 event had 920 participants. The 2012 event had 1354 participants.The event moved to Downtown Arcanum in 2012. The 2013 event had over 1600 participants and offered a free kids race for the first time that had 70 kids racing in the enclosure in Downtown Arcanum. In 2014 1976 participants took part in the 16, 32 and new Double D 64 mile courses. 100 kids participated in the free kids races. The event is promoted by Colavita Ohio cycling club a division of the 501c3 not for profit Rocketship Sports Management.

Greenville, Michigan[edit]

The event has been held at the Klackle Orchards Family Fun Farm west of Greenville, Michigan since 2009. A 30-mile race where three minutes (not the traditional five minutes) are deducted from your actual time for each donut consumed. The 2010 event had 321 finishers.

American Fork, Utah[edit]

The event has been hosted by the Rotary Club of American Fork in American Fork, Utah since 2008.[3] A 21-mile race where three minutes (not the traditional five minutes) are deducted from your actual time for each donut consumed. The 2010 event had 245 finishers.

Katy, Texas[edit]

In July 2004, Katy, Texas started making the Tour de Donut an annual event as well. Known as the "Sweetest Bike Ride in Texas", the 28 mile race benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Texas Gulf Coast. All profits from the event are donated to the foundation. The 2010 event had 209 finishers.

San Luis Obispo, California[edit]

Annual event that began in 2011. A 20-mile untimed ride visiting 3 donut shops and a 2-mile time trial with an elevation gain of about 800 ft (250 m). Riders have 10 minutes at each shop to consume donuts and each donut results in a deduction of 15 seconds from their time.

Documentary film: Gluttons for Punishment[edit]

A documentary film, "Tour de Donut: Gluttons for Punishment", was created by Steve Kelly and Jim Klenn. The film follows two elite cyclists along the tour as they try to help their friend "out pedal and out eat the rest of the competition." The documentary features a brief history of the race and the filmmakers' biographies; it also offers visitors the chance to watch the film's trailer and purchase the film.


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