Toyoma Education Museum

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Toyoma Education Museum
Toyoma school museum050807.jpg
The Junior School building of 1888 is an Important Cultural Property
General information
Address Teraike Sakura koji 6, Tome-cho
Town or city Tome, Miyagi Prefecture
Country Japan
Coordinates 38°39′19″N 141°16′47″E / 38.65528°N 141.27972°E / 38.65528; 141.27972Coordinates: 38°39′19″N 141°16′47″E / 38.65528°N 141.27972°E / 38.65528; 141.27972
Opened 1888
Owner Iwate Prefecture
Technical details
Floor count 2 above ground
Floor area 841.7 m2
Design and construction
Architect Kisaburo Yamazoe

Toyoma Education Museum exhibits the history of education in Japan since the Meiji period. It is housed in the former Tome Elementary School Building (旧登米高等尋常小学校校舎) of 1888 in the city of Tome, Miyagi Prefecture. The U-shaped two-storey building around a courtyard, lined with balconies and with half-hexagons at the end of each wing, was designed by Kisaburo Yamazoe. It is representative of the western-inspired architecture of the Meiji period and in 1981 was designated an Important Cultural Property.[1][2][3][4][5]

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