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Tracking may refer to:

In science and technology[edit]

In computing[edit]

In life sciences[edit]

In logistics[edit]

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • Tracking (particle physics), measuring the direction and magnitude of the momenta of charged particles
  • Tracking, a process of degradation in which tree-like carbonized patterns (electrical treeing) appear on an insulator
  • Tracking or Toe (automotive), the symmetric angle that each wheel makes with the long axis of a vehicle
  • Video tape tracking, alignment of the magnetic tape of a video recorder with the read head
  • Tracking, combining individual radar detections with a radar tracker
  • Tracking system, various methods used to monitor moving persons or objects, often remotely
  • Tracking transmitter, a device that broadcasts a radio signal that can be detected by a directional antenna
  • Target and missile tracking, elements of Go-Onto-Target systems in missile guidance

In arts and entertainment[edit]

In sport[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Tracking (education), separating children into classes according to academic ability
  • Tracking (scouting), a scouting activity focused on observation, stalking, and following a trail
  • Tracking, typographers' term for letter-spacing, uniformly increasing or decreasing the space between all letters in a block of text
  • Tracking, matching or comparing the performance of a financial portfolio to a stock market index
  • Tracking. A hipster slang word that means audio recording.

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