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Tracy Dockray (born 1962) is an American artist. She illustrated the current Harper Collins editions of Beverly Cleary's children's novels.


Tracy Dockray spent her early years growing up on the plains of Texas where she enjoyed reading and a large menagerie of pets. She moved to New York where she attained an MFA from Pratt. She moved from mural painting to puppet design to fabric design before she found her passion creating children's books. She currently resides in Greenwich Village, New York with her husband, children, and pets. She is mostly known for the popular series by Beverly Cleary that she illustrated which includes the Ramona Series and the Mouse and the Motorcycle Series. Most recently she illustrated the Fix-It Friends Series by Nicole C. Kear. Altogether, Tracy Dockray has illustrated over 25 books. [1] Her careers throughout the years included the following:

  • puppetry
  • sculpture
  • illustrating
  • painting murals
    • school playgrounds
    • hospitals
    • children's rooms[1]


Tracy Dockray has participated in the Learning Inc. Literacy Programs as well as the Learning Leaders Author's Read-aloud Program that is located in New York. She has contributed to the annual Children's Literary Event that is located at the Bethlehem Center in Dallas, Texas.[2] Tracy Dockray is a member of the Society of Illustrators. She received her education from Pratt and holds a Master of Fine Arts. [3]


Fix-It Friends books 1-4 by Nicole C. Kear Izzy and Oscar by Allison Estes

Stay! by Lois Lowry

The Scare in My Hair by Tracy Dockray The Lost and Found Pony by Tracy Dockray Sweet Baby Feet byMargaret O'hair The Tushy Book by Fran Manushkin Jammy Dance by Rebecca Janni Hear That? by Tama Janowitz My Bunny Diary by Tracy Dockray Delia at the Delano by Bob Morris Grimm's Grimmest by Tracy Dockray

Books by Beverly Ceary

"Henry Huggins" "Henry and Beezus" "Henry and Ribsy" "Henry and the Paper Route" "Henry and the Clubhouse" "Mich and Amy" "Muggie Maggie" "Socks" "Ribsy" "Emily's Runaway Imagination" "Otis Spofford"


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