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Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
Minister: François-Philippe Champagne
Deputy Minister: Timothy Sargent[1]
Chief Trade Commissioner: Ailish Campbell
Established: 1894
First Trade Commissioner: John Short Larke[2]

Part of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is a network of more than 1000 trade professionals working in Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates located in 150 cities around the world and with offices across Canada.[3]


The Trade Commissioner Services helps companies that are looking to export, invest abroad, attract investment abroad or develop innovation and R&D partnerships. They provide advice on marketing strategies and up to date market and sector information to help smooth a Canadian company's path to doing business abroad.

Services for Canadian businesses[edit]

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service offers four key services which are designed to support the growth of Canadian companies internationally.

The four key services are:

  • Preparing Canadian companies for international markets
  • Providing an assessment of the company's potential in a target market through the use of market intelligence and providing advice on market strategies
  • Finding qualified contacts
  • Resolving problems and business challenges
  • Assisting Businesswomen to globalize through the Business Women in International Trade program

Services for non-Canadian businesses[edit]

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade also offers assistance to foreign companies interested in doing business in Canada. The Invest in Canada bureau is tasked with promoting, attracting and retaining foreign direct investment in Canada.


Created in 1894, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) has 120 years of experience helping Canadian companies succeed in foreign markets by promoting the economic interests of Canada in the global marketplace.

Since Canada's first Trade Commissioner's posting to Australia in 1895, the role of the TCS has become increasingly critical and of higher value within an ever evolving global economy. Canada's active and successful participation in the global economy impacts all Canadians. Consider that a fifth of all jobs in this country are directly linked to international trade and half of what we manufacture in Canada is exported.

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