Train Train (manga)

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Train Train
Genre Comedy
Written by Eiki Eiki
Published by Shinshokan
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Wings
Original run 20022005
Volumes 3
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Train☆Train (トレィン☆トレィン Torein☆Torein?) is a manga by Eiki Eiki first published in Wings and licensed by Digital Manga Publishing.


"Train Train is off the wall screwball comedy that is as energetic as it is funny." — Holly Ellingwood, activeAnime.[1] Leroy Douresseaux gave the first volume a B+ at the Comic Book Bin.[2] "Train☆Train may not have a dramatic or compelling story line, but the humor is light and sweet, and it does give its intended audience what they want - vignettes centering on their favorite cute guy." — Patricia Beard, Mania.[3]


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