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Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is also an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It was set up in 2009 at Gurgaon and is now located in NCR Biotech Science Cluster, Faridabad along with the Regional Center for Biotechnology, Advanced Technology Platforms Center, Small Animal Facility and Bio-incubator. Envisioned by former secretary of DBT, M. K. Bhan, the centre was created to enable faster transition of lab research to market. Gagandeep Kang is the Executive Director of THSTI.

THSTI has six intramural centers namely Vaccine & Infectious Disease Research Centre (VIDRC), Pediatric Biology Centre (PBC), Centre for Bio-design & Diagnostics (CBD), Centre for Human Microbial Ecology (CHME), Policy Centre for Biomedical Research (PCBR), and Drug Discovery Research Centre (DDRC).

Vaccine & Infectious Disease Research Centre (VIDRC) is engaged in development of technologies pertaining to prophylaxis, treatment and diagnosis of infections caused by JEV, DENV, HIV, Rotavirus, Mycobaterium tuberculosis, HEV. In 2009, HIV Vaccine Translational Research (HVTR) laboratory was established in collaboration with International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, USA for developing efficient immunogens to be used in immunogenic composition against HIV. The laboratory works in collaboration with the US-based Scripps Research Institute, New York-based Weill Cornell Medical College, Amsterdam- based Academic Medical Center, and Johannesburg-based National Institute of Communicable Diseases.[1] In collaboration with Department of Biotechnology, Bharat Biotech International Limited, PATH and CHRD-SAS, VIDRC was also engaged in the phase III randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trial to evaluate the non-interference in the immune response of three doses of ORV 116E (Rotavac) to antigens contained in childhood vaccines and to assess the clinical lot consistency of three production lots.[2]

It also has one partnership center named Population Science Partnership Centre (PSPC) with the Centre for Health Research and Development, Society for Applied Studies (CHRD-SAS) and one extramural center named Clinical Development Services Agency (CDSA)to facilitate development of affordable healthcare products for public health diseases.

THSTI has more than 200 scientific publications in reputed scientific journals. It has also filed more than 30 patent applications in India and abroad.

Scientists at THSTI[edit]

Biotechnology Chair

  • John David Clemens (Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Founding Director, Centre for Global Infectious Diseases,UCLA School of Public-Health, California)

Visiting Professor of Eminence

National Chair

  • T. Ramamurthy
  • Madhu Dixit

Honorary International Visiting Faculty

  • Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD (Associate Professor, McGill University; Associate Director, McGill International TB Centre)
  • Salman Azhar (Associate Director of Research Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC), USA)

Faculty & Scientists

  • Shinjini Bhatnagar (Dean (Clinical Research), Head-PBC, Coordinator-CBD)
  • Madhu Dixit (THSTI National Chair, Head-DDRC)
  • Thandavarayan Ramamurthy (THSTI National Chair, Head-CHME)
  • Jayanta Bhattacharya (Principal Investigator)
  • Guruprasad R. Medigeshi (Associate Professor)
  • Ramandeep Singh (Associate Professor)
  • Nisheeth Agarwal (Associate Professor)
  • Milan Surjit (Associate Professor)
  • Amit Awasthi (Associate Professor)
  • Sanjay K Banerjee (Scientist E)
  • Dinesh Mahajan (Scientist E)
  • Manjula Kalia (Research Scientist E)
  • Bhabatosh Das (Assistant Professor)
  • Gaurav Batra (Assistant Professor)
  • Amit Kumar Pandey (Assistant Professor)
  • Krishnamohan Atmakuri (Assistant Professor)
  • Samrat Chatterjee (Assistant Professor)
  • Nitya Wadhwa (Assistant Professor)
  • Pallavi Kshetrapal (Ramalingaswamy Fellow)
  • Prabhanshu Tripathi (Ramalingaswamy Fellow)
  • Supratik Das (Senior Scientist)
  • Huma Qureshi (Senior Scientist)
  • Shubbir Ahmed (Senior Scientist)
  • Vikas Sood (Senior Scientist)
  • Shailaja Sopory (Scientist D)
  • Ajay Kumar (Scientist D)
  • Renu Goel (Scientist D)
  • Mohan Babu Appaiahgari (Research Scientist D)
  • Sankar Bhattacharyya (Research Scientist D)
  • Arup Banerjee (Research Scientist D)
  • Niraj Kumar (Research Scientist D)
  • Susmita Chaudhuri (Research Scientist D)
  • Amit Kumar Yadav (Scientist C)
  • Savit B. Prabhu (Scientist C)
  • Shilpa Jamwal (Scientist C)
  • Shailendra Asthana (Scientist C)
  • Yashwant Kumar (Scientist C)
  • Aanchal Sharma (Scientist C)
  • Sameena Khan (Inspire Faculty)
  • Suchitra Devi Gopinath (IYBA Fellow)
  • Tarun Kumar Sharma (IYBA Fellow)
  • Tripti Shrivastava (Scientist)
  • Sweety Samal (Scientist)
  • Rajesh Kumar (Scientist)
  • Suprit Deshpande (Scientist)
  • Padmakar Kamalakar Tambare (Scientist-In-Charge (Small Animal Facility))

Adjunct Faculty / Honorary Visiting Professor / On Deputation

  • Satyajit Rath - Scientist, National Institute of Immunology
  • Vineeta Bal - Scientist, National Institute of Immunology
  • Anil Kumar Tyagi - Professor, Department of Biochemistry
  • Navin Khanna - Group Leader, ICGEB
  • Nita Bhandari - Director, CHRD-SAS
  • Amit Sharma - Group Leader, ICGEB
  • Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi - Professor, Department of Biotechnology, AIIMS
  • Partha Majumder - Professor, Indian Statistical Institute , Kolkata
  • Ankur Mutreja
  • Ranjith Kumar C.T. - Associate Professor, University School of Biotechnology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  • Sudhanshu Vrati - On Deputation To RCB as Executive Director, Regional Center for Biotechnology, Faridabad
  • Jonathan D. Pillai - Project Lead, Jiva Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


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