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Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is a government corporation of South Africa and subsidiary of Transnet, responsible for managing and governing eight of South Africa's major seaports. TNPA is a landlord authority responsible for the master planning, controlling of port navigations, controlling of port services & facilities and marketing of the port. Another division of Transnet, Transnet Port Terminals (SAPO), is responsible for terminal operations and cargo handling. TNPA's main offices are located at Braamfontein.[1]


TNPA's ports include: Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Ngqura, and Saldanha.

The ports form a system of complementary ports where the ports, seamlessly integrated in the logistics network that is jointly and individually self-sustainable through delivery of high levels of service and increasing efficiency for a growing customer base, enhancing South Africa's global competitiveness and facilitating the expansion of the South African economy through socially and environmentally sustainable port development (White Paper on National Commercial Ports Policy 8 August 2002).

The core functions of TNPA:

Landlord - Promote the use, improvement and development of ports, control land within the ports with the power to lease port land.

Master Planner - Plan, improve, develop and maintain port infrastructure.

Controller of Ports Navigation - Control navigation within port limits and approaches, ensure protection of the environment, safety and security within port limits.

Controller of Ports Services & Facilities - Provide port services and facilities - may enter into agreements / issue licenses other parties to provide these.

Marketer & Administrator - Provision of adequate, affordable, equitable and efficient port services and facilities for port users.

Change Agent - Ensure non-discriminatory, fair, transparent access to port services and facilities.

Co-ordinator with other state agencies - Advise on all matters relating to the port sector, and liaise with all stakeholders.

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