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Trax may refer to:



  • 'Trax' may be shorthand for 'Tracks', see Track (disambiguation)
  • Trax (album), the debut album from Japanese electronic music group Ravex
  • TRAX (band), a Korean rock band
  • Trax (nightclub), a former nightclub notable for being a frequent gig for Dave Matthews Band during their early years
  • Trax Records, first house music label owned by Larry Sherman in Chicago
  • Trax (sequencer), an old MIDI sequencer
  • Traxsource, a leading US-based dance music digital music downloads site
  • Trax, a duo featuring the Danish singer Lise Haavik


  • Chevrolet Trax, a subcompact concept car debuted as a prototype in 2007.
  • Trax Models, a brand of Australian classic diecast model cars and buses
  • Tempo Trax, a series of "Multi Utility Vehicles" (MUVs) built by Force Motors in Pune, India.
  • TRAX (light rail), a light rail system in the Salt Lake City area
  • TRAX, an acronym for Trottoir Roulant Accéléré, a failed high-speed walkway experiment in Paris in the 1980s


  • TrAX, the Transformation API for XML (now considered a part of JAXP)
  • Trax, a transaction processing system released in 1978 by Digital Equipment Corp. for high-end PDP-11 computers
  • Trax Image Recognition, also known as Trax Retail, or Trax, a software technology used by Retailers and CPG manufacturers to digitize physical store shelves

Board Games[edit]

  • Trax, a strategy board game played with tiles