Tree Topper

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Tree Topper
Previously known as Roller Coaster
Upper Clements Park
Coordinates44°42′19″N 65°33′46″W / 44.705344°N 65.562783°W / 44.705344; -65.562783Coordinates: 44°42′19″N 65°33′46″W / 44.705344°N 65.562783°W / 44.705344; -65.562783
Opening date1989
General statistics
ManufacturerWilliam Cobb & Associates
Height60 ft (18 m)
Length1,400 ft (430 m)
Speed35 mph (56 km/h)
Tree Topper at RCDB
Pictures of Tree Topper at RCDB

The Tree Topper is a wooden roller coaster located at Upper Clements Park, in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. It was built by William Cobb in 1989. It was built into the existing terrain. With a total height of 18.3 m, it has a top speed of 56.3 km/h. It is 426.7 m long with a total duration of 1:15.