Trentham Military Camp

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Trentham Military Camp
Trentham, New Zealand
Trentham Military Camp is located in New Zealand
Trentham Military Camp
Trentham Military Camp
Coordinates 41°08′37″S 175°02′09″E / 41.1435°S 175.0358°E / -41.1435; 175.0358
Type Military Camp
Site information
Controlled by New Zealand Defence Force
Site history
In use c.1914–present

Trentham Military Camp is a New Zealand Defence Force facility located in Trentham, Upper Hutt, near Wellington. Originally an Army installation, it is now run by Defence and accommodates all three services. It also hosts Joint NZDF facilities including:

Elements of Army General Staff at Trentham Camp including Messines Defence Centre are:

  • Logistic Executive (Log Exec)
  • Human Resources Executive (HR Exec)- Military Secretary (MS) and Military Career Management (MCM)
  • Capability Branch (Cap Br)

Units at Trentham Military Camp include:

Civilian police[edit]

Prior to 1981 the camp was also home to the Royal New Zealand Police College.

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