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This article is about a mountain pass. For the battle in the Korean War, see Battle of Triangle Hill. For the Chinese war film, see Battle on Shangganling Mountain.
Triangle Hill.gif
Map of the Triangle Hill Complex, Sanggamryŏng is located at the Y junction behind Jane Russell Hill
Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 상감령
Revised Romanization Sanggamryeong
McCune–Reischauer Sanggamryŏng
Triangle Hill
Hangul 삼각고지
Revised Romanization Samgakgoji
McCune–Reischauer Samgakkoji

Sanggamryŏng, also known as Shangganling (Chinese: 上甘岭; pinyin: Shànggānlǐng) in Chinese, Triangle Hill (Korean: 3각고지) in South Korea, and Jane & Russell Hill in United States is a mountain pass in central North Korea.

The mountain pass is part of the Triangle Hill Complex that is roughly 4 km north by northeast of Kimhwa. Situated in the valley between the Jane Russell Hill and the Sniper Ridge, the hamlet became famous in China due to the Battle of Shangganling, a large-scale battle in the Korean War. By the time the fighting broke out, the hamlet had already been leveled by bombings with most of its residents displaced, thus it played no role in the battle itself.


Coordinates: 38°20′0″N 127°28′0″E / 38.33333°N 127.46667°E / 38.33333; 127.46667 (Sanggamnyŏng)