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System information
Full name Tribute
Machine type Ticket office based
Type of ticket stock Hopper-fed
Manufacturer British Rail/SchlumbergerSema
First introduced 21 January 1994
Locations/Areas/Train Operating Companies
Current users Abellio Greater Anglia
Virgin Trains East Coast
Virgin Trains
London Midland
Govia Thameslink Railway
East Midlands Trains
Gatwick Express
Former users None

Tribute is one of the new generation of ticket issuing systems introduced to ticket offices by British Rail during the mid-1990s, prior to the privatisation of the network. PC-based, it is one of several systems trialled with the aim of replacing the aging APTIS system. The original systems was developed by British Rail Business Systems,[1] and was first installed at London St Pancras on 21 January 1994.[2] By April 2005, around 250 terminals were in use[3] Following privatisation, development and support was provided to the train operating companies (TOCs) by SchlumbergerSema, until they were bought by Atos in 2004. Since the system was launched the software has undergone several major updates - release version 11 is now in use in ticket offices.[4]

Today the Tribute software is owned by Atos. Development is guided by representatives from a number of TOCs, and several industry call centres.[5] Development and systems integration work is undertaken by Atos.[5]


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Further reading[edit]

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