Trio (chocolate bar)

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Product typeBiscuit
OwnerUnited Biscuits
CountryUnited Kingdom
Introduced1980s "Note there was an Irish edition of the bar in the late 1970's".
TaglineI want a Trio and I want one now!

Trio is a chocolate bar sold in the United Kingdom consisting of a combination of soft toffee, thick milk chocolate and biscuit. The Trio brand is owned by United Biscuits and sold under the McVitie's brand. Trio was previously manufactured by Jacob's who discontinued production in 2003, along with the Choc Trio variant that had the soft chocolate inside that was introduced in 1988. The original chocolate bar returned in March 2016 following a campaign on Facebook.[1]

The brand was known in the 1980s for its distinctive television advertisements by animator Bob Godfrey[2] in which a cartoon character Suzy sang along to the tune of Day-O (The Banana Boat Song): "Trio, Trio, I want a Trio and I want one now".[1][3]

The Trio is featured in the first episode of the third series of the spoof police reality show Scot Squad, broadcast in January 2017.[4] Constables Charlie McIntosh and Jane McKay have been working together for three years. To mark their "anniversary" she gives him a Trio chocolate bar, seemingly as an afterthought; he gives her a designer handbag in return, reflecting his unspoken feelings for her.

There was also an Irish edition of the bar during the late 1970's produced by Jacob's.


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