Trio (chocolate bar)

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Product typeBiscuit
OwnerUnited Biscuits
CountryUnited Kingdom
TaglineI want a Trio and I want one now!

Trio is a chocolate bar sold in the United Kingdom consisting of a combination of soft toffee, thick milk chocolate and biscuit.[1] The Trio brand is owned by United Biscuits and sold under the McVitie's brand.[2] Trio was previously manufactured by Jacob's[3] who discontinued production in 2003, but the chocolate bar returned in March 2016 following a campaign on Facebook.[2]

The brand was known in the 1980s for its distinctive television advertisements by animator Bob Godfrey[4][5] in which a cartoon character Suzy sang along to the tune of Day-O (The Banana Boat Song): "Trio, Trio, I want a Trio and I want one now".[1][6]

The Trio is featured in the first episode of the third series of the spoof police reality show Scot Squad, broadcast in January 2017.[7] Constables Charlie McIntosh and Jane McKay have been working together for three years. To mark their "anniversary" she gives him a Trio chocolate bar, seemingly as an afterthought; he gives her a designer handbag in return, reflecting his unspoken feelings for her.


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