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In Greek mythology, Troezen was one of the children of Pelops and Hippodamia, eponym of the city Troezen.

Troezen and his brother Pittheus were said to have come from Pisatis to King Aetius, son of Anthas and grandson of Poseidon and Alcyone, who reigned over the cities of Hyperea and Anthea, and to have become his co-rulers and then successors. When Troezen died, Pittheus incorporated the two cities into one and named it Troezen after his brother.[1][2]

Troezen was father of Anaphlystus and Sphettus, who migrated to Attica and gave their names to two demes.[3] He also had a daughter Evopis who was married to Dimoetes but had an affair with her own brother (not evident whether this was one of the aforementioned Troezen's sons, or another one).[4]


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