Troubled Sleep

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Troubled Sleep
La mort dans l'âme.jpg
Cover of the first edition
AuthorJean-Paul Sartre
Original titleLa mort dans l'âme
TranslatorGerard Hopkins
SeriesThe Roads to Freedom
PublisherGallimard, Knopf, Vintage
Publication date
Published in English
ISBN0-679-74079-1 (Vintage)
843/.914 20
LC ClassPQ2637.A82 M5613 1992
Preceded byThe Reprieve 

Troubled Sleep (French: La mort dans l'âme) is a 1949 novel by Jean-Paul Sartre. The book was originally translated as Iron in the Soul. It is the third part in the trilogy Les chemins de la liberté (The Roads to Freedom).

"The third novel in Sartre's monumental Roads to Freedom series, Troubled Sleep powerfully depicts the fall of France in 1940, and the anguished feelings of a group of Frenchmen whose pre-war apathy gives way to a consciousness of the dignity of individual resistance - to the German occupation and to fate in general - and solidarity with people similarly oppressed." - Random House