True People's Party

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True People's Party
Права народна странка
Prava narodna stranka
Leader Lazar Mijušković
Founded 1907 (1907)
Dissolved 1918 (1918)
Headquarters Cetinje
Ideology Royalism
Loyalism to the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty
Montenegrin separatism
Political position Right-wing

The True People's Party (Serbian: Права народна странка/Prava narodna stranka), known as pravaši, was a political party in the Principality of Montenegro and Kingdom of Montenegro, led by Lazar Mijušković, which represented the government and rule of Prince, and later King Nikola of Montenegro. Notable party members were Jovan S. Plamenac, Mitar Radulović, Niko Tatar and general Krsto Popović. Montenegrin politics was divided on the issue of support to Nikola I and retaining the independence of Montenegro, and the unity of Montenegro and Serbia under the Karađorđević dynasty, as advocated by the opposition People's Party


The party was founded in 1907 by Prince Nikola I, as a result of the People's Party boycott on the elections as a mark of protest against bad relations of Montenegrin government with Serbia. The pravaši supported Nikola's rule and proclaimed him the King in 1910.

At the 1913 elections, both Montenegrin parties ran, and the People's Party defeated the True People's Party, winning most of the parliamentary seats. In the wake of the forthcoming Great War, True People's Party rejoined the People's Party and the altered its program to include unification of Montenegro and Serbia.[citation needed]