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Families of the outer Truku chief-general and deputy chief-general.jpg
The families of the outer Truku chief-general and deputy chief-general
Total population
32,435 (April 2020)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Truku, Mandarin
Animism, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Taiwanese Aborigines

The Truku (Chinese: 太魯閣族; pinyin: Tàilǔgé zú, also romanized as Taroko) people are an Indigenous Taiwanese people. Taroko is also the name of the area of Taiwan where the Truku reside. The Executive Yuan, Republic of China has officially recognized the Truku since 15 January 2004. The Truku are the 12th aboriginal group in Taiwan to receive this recognition.

Previously, the Truku and the related Seediq people were classified in the Atayal group.[2] The Truku people demanded a separate status for themselves in a "name rectification" campaign.

The Truku resisted and fought the Japanese in the 1914 Truku War.

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