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Trust is a musical group that hails from the Belgian city of Ypres and consists of lead singer Eva Storme, keyboard players Mirek Coutigny and Matthieu Renier and drummer Laurens Platteeuw. During their preparation and the live shows they were coached by Thomas de Soete and their song was produced by Jeroen Swinnen.

They won the Belgian pre-selections of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with their song "Anders" (Different), a popsong about the regrets for things a typical teenager does wrong and regrets after arguing with parents.

Band member Mirek had a guest performance for Debbie and Nancy in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp when he performed 'My first night' for an immense audience. He has also performed a solo in a piano concert in Ghent with a 65-piece orchestra.

Although they conceived the idea to enter the competition in September 2006, they started writing and composing the song just a week before the deadline. Eva wrote the lyrics and the melody, Mirek, helped by Laurens and Matthieu found the chords for which he said he took inspiration from Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Laurens composed the percussion.

Trust were stars of the 2008 film Sounds Like Teen Spirit which covered the 2007 contest.


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