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The Trust for Urban Ecology (TRUE) is a London-based ecological organisation and is part of The Conservation Volunteers (formerly BTCV). The Trust for Urban Ecology was founded in 1976 when ecologist Max Nicholson and a group of like-minded conservationists set up Britain's first urban ecology park.[1]


Max Nicholson, the trust's founder, was also instrumental in setting up the World Wildlife Fund and became the 2nd Director General of the Nature Conservancy Council.[2]

The trust's first site, the William Curtis Ecological Park, was created on the site of a derelict lorry park near London's Tower Bridge. The William Curtis Ecological Park was always intended to be temporary and in 1985 the land was returned to its owners.[3] By this time the trust had already created two new nature parks and it would later acquire another two.

Current sites[edit]


  • To provide a new habitat for urban wildlife
  • To enable ecologists to discover more about the nature of urban ecology
  • To offer city residents the chance to enjoy nature and learn through hands-on experience
  • To demonstrate the value of creative conservation - an ecological approach to the creation of new landscapes
  • To provide examples of best practice and key demonstration sites

Other activities[edit]

  • The trust offer environmental design, creation and management services
  • Volunteer and work placement schemes
  • Environment skills training
  • Corporate team-building projects

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