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Tryambak Bapuji Thombre

13 August 1890
Died5 May 1918
Bhadali Railway Station,Dist-Jalgaon.
Known forPoems in Marathi

Tryambak Bapuji Thombre (13 August 1890 – 5 May 1918) was an Indian Marathi poet. He used the pen name Balkavi, which is also spelled as Baalkavi or Baal-kavi.

Early life[edit]

He spent a period of his childhood with writer and poet Narayan Tilak, a Marathi poet from the Konkan region of the Bombay Presidency in British Raj and a convert to Christianity. Narayan Tilak identified the talent within Tryambak and brought him to his home. Laxmibai Tilak had a motherly relationship with Balkavi. She mentioned some of her memories of Balkavi in her autobiography 'Smruti Chitre'.[1]

Notable work[edit]

Thombre's poems are marked by exuberant language.[1] Notable works include:

  • Phulrani (फूलरानी)
  • Audumber (औदुंबर)
  • Shraavan-Maasii Harshh Maanasii (श्रावण मासी हर्ष मानसी)
  • Anandi anand Gade, jikade tikade chohikade (आनंदी आनंद गड़े जिकडे तिकडे चौहीकडे)


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