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Tsuki Amano
Native name
天野 月
Also known asTsukiko Amano, Tsukko
GenresRock, alternative rock
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, piano
Years active2001–present
LabelsOtokura Records

Tsuki Amano (天野 月, Amano Tsuki), formerly Tsukiko Amano (天野 月子, Amano Tsukiko), is a Japanese singer, famous for singing the ending themes used in the Fatal Frame series: "Chō" for Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, and "Koe" for Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. She also sang two songs for Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, "Zero no Chōritsu" and "Noise," and sang the song "Torikago -in this cage-" for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.


Amano started playing music at the age of 5, when she started taking piano lessons. She was part of her junior high school chorus club as a soprano, and in high school she began to experiment with various musical instruments and joined the theatre group. It was also in high school where she bought her very first guitar, which is now her primary instrument.[citation needed]

Many of Amano's songs have been used as theme songs for commercials, television shows, movies, and video games. Besides writing all of her own songs, Amano also designs and makes most of the costumes in her videos and performances herself. She has published a storybook she wrote while recording her Ningyō video.[citation needed]

On January 10, 2010, she announced she would be returning to music.[1][2]


As Tsukiko Amano[edit]

Singles (Indies)[edit]

Title Release date
"Hakoniwa" (箱庭, "Miniature Garden")
TV Asahi's "D's Garage" ending theme
June 1, 2001
"Love Dealer" June 1, 2001
"B.G. Black Guitar+Berry Garden"
Toyota's "Gazoo.com" campaign song
September 1, 2001
"Love Dealer -type 2003-"
TV Tokyo's "Kyūyo Meisai" ending theme
July 30, 2003
"Howling" April 11, 2007
"Heaven's Gate" January 23, 2008
"Zero no Chōritsu" (ゼロの調律, "Zero Tune") July 30, 2008

Singles (Major label)[edit]

Title Release date
"Bodaiju" (菩提樹, "Linden Tree")
TV Asahi's "Midnight Mermaid" ending theme
November 7, 2001
"Sniper" (スナイパー) February 20, 2002
TBS's "Rank ōkoku" opening theme
April 24, 2002
TV Tokyo's "Cover Shō yo" ending theme
June 19, 2002
"Ningyō" (人形, "Doll")
Nippon TV's "Black Wide Show" ending theme
November 7, 2002
"Same" (, "Shark") July 30, 2003
"Chō" (, "Butterfly") November 12, 2003
"Tsuki" (, "Moon")
Pony Canyon's distributed movie "Moonlight Jellyfish" theme song
FBS/Nippon TV's "Akko to Machami no Shingata TV" ending theme
July 14, 2004
"Idea" (イデア)
Fuji TV's anime "Konjiki no Gash Bell!!" ending theme
November 3, 2004
"Hisui" (翡翠, "Jade") February 2, 2005
"Koe" (, "Voice") July 27, 2005
"Karasu" (, "Crow") May 31, 2006
"Utakata" (ウタカタ, "Hourglass")
"Next Phase~Kimi Kara no Okurimono" theme song
May 31, 2006
"Konton -chaos-" (混沌 -chaos-, "Chaos -chaos-") May 31, 2006
"Fukurō" (, "Owl") May 31, 2006
"Fūsen" (風船, "Balloon") May 31, 2006


Title Release date
Sharon Stones June 5, 2002
Meg & Lion December 4, 2002
Tenryū (天龍)[3] January 21, 2004
Winona Riders (Tsuki no Uragawa)
Coupling songs compilation
March 3, 2004
A Moon Child in the Sky September 21, 2005
"Best of" album
November 15, 2006
Uma Sāmon (ウマ・サーモン, "Uma Salmon")
Coupling songs compilation
July 23, 2007
Zero September 3, 2008
"Best of" including indies songs
November 24, 2008

As Tsuki Amano[edit]


Title Release date
"CORE" January 1, 2011
"Ringo no Ki" (林檎の木, The Apple Tree) May 11, 2011
"BLACK BEAUTY" November 18, 2015
Digital Singles
Title Release date
"Hikari no Circus" (ひかりのサーカス, Circus of Light) January 27, 2010
"Utsukushiki Mono" (うつくしきもの, A Thing of Beauty) March 17, 2010


Title Release date
Licht July 7, 2010[4]
Sora no Ki (天の樹, Tree of Heaven) July 25, 2012[5]
Daisy September 25, 2013
"Genpuku" (元服, Clothes of Manhood)
"Best of" 15th Anniversary album
November 18, 2015
Other Albums
Title Release date
Peek A Boo
Cover album
May 5, 2010[6]
Appare (天晴, Splendid)
Self-cover album
January 1, 2011
Shizuka no Umi (静かの海, Peaceful Sea)
Ballad album
November 7, 2012
Title Release date
CHELSEA February 14, 2011[7]
Bara to Shinju (天の樹, Rose and Pearl) November 9, 2011[8]
Gomokunarabe (ごもくならべ, Gomoku) October 1, 2014[9]


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