Tulips (film)

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Tulips lobby card.jpg
Tulips poster
Directed by Rex Bromfield, Mark Warren, Al Waxman
Produced by John B. Bennett
Don Carmody
Written by Gabe Kaplan, Henry Olek, Al Waxman
Starring Gabe Kaplan
Bernadette Peters
Henry Gibson
Al Waxman
Music by Edward Karam
Cinematography Francois Protat
Edited by Alan Collins, Yurij Luhovy
Distributed by - USA -
AVCO Embassy Pictures
- Canada -
Astral Films
Release date
October, 1981
Running time
93 min.
Country Canada/USA
Language English

Tulips is a 1981 American comedy-drama film starring Gabe Kaplan and Bernadette Peters. The director was officially credited as "Stan Ferris", but the film was actually directed by the trio of Rex Bromfield, Mark Warren and Al Waxman.


Leland Irving (Gabe Kaplan) is depressed and lonely but his attempts at suicide are unsuccessful. He hires a professional hit man, Maurice Avocado (Henry Gibson) to kill him; Avocado will use the code word "Tulips" when the time is at hand. While awaiting his fate, Leland comes across a woman—Rutanya Wallace (Bernadette Peters)--who is attempting suicide, and saves her. Rutanya is suffering from being rejected by a lover, but is charmingly unconventional and outgoing, the opposite of Leland's introvert. Their lives become intertwined, and although wary and battling initially, they fall in love and marry.

However, now that they have found each other, they must call off the hit by Avocado, and complications arise. When Avocado will not agree to calling off the hit, Leland and Rutanya desperately try to obtain guns, etc., to attempt to kill the killer. In the end, no one dies.

In one of the early scenes of their courtship, Leland plays the tuba while Rutanya sings "Sidewalks of New York".


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