Corpus Delicti (band)

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This article is about a gothic rock band. For the legal term, see Corpus delicti.
Corpus Delicti
Origin Nice, France
Genres Gothic rock
Years active 1993–1998
Labels Alice In...

Corpus Delicti were a gothic rock band active in the early-mid 1990s. In the late 1990s, they formed as an industrial rock band called Corpus.

Two ex-Corpus Delicti (Frank & Chrys) formed "Press Gang Metropol", a rock band in the tradition of Joy Division, The Cure, Interpol, Editors, Depeche Mode, and then joined by Eric Chabaud on drums and Sébastien Pietrapiana 3rd ex Corpus Delicti on vocals. An album released in early 2012 in preparation for the D Monic Records label D


  • Sébastien Pietrapiana alias "Sebastian" - Vocals and synths
  • Laurence Romanini alias "Roma" - Drums and percussion
  • Jérôme Schmitt alias "Jerome" - Guitars, synths and programming
  • Christophe Baudrion alias "Chrys" - Bass
  • Laetitia - Violins
  • Franck Amendola alias "Franck" - Guitars (on Twilight)
  • "David" - keyboards, sampling and programming (on Syn:Drom)


Corpus Delicti[edit]


  1. Twilight – (1993, Hit Import and Glasnost Records)
  2. Sylphes – (1994, Hit Import and Glasnost Records)
  3. Obsessions – (1995, Cemetery Records. Remastered and rereleased in 1997 with extra tracks, Nightbreed recordings)


  1. Noxious (The Demon's Game) – (1994, Hit Import and Glasnost Records)


  1. Sarabands – (1996, Cleopatra Records)
  2. The Best of Corpus Delicti – (1998, Cleopatra Records)
  3. The History of Corpus Delicti – (1998, Radio Luxor)
  4. From Dawn to Twilight – (2006, D-monic)
  5. A New Saraband Of Sylphes - (2007, D-monic)
  6. Highlights 2010 ( D Monic )
  7. Last Obsessions 2011 ( D-Monic )


  1. Syn:Drom – (1998, Season of Mist)

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