Two Lovers and Other Great Hits

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Two Lovers and Other Great Hits
Mary Wells Two Lovers.jpg
Studio album by Mary Wells
Released January 1963
Recorded 1962
Studio Hitsville USA
Label Motown
Producer Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy
Mary Wells chronology
The One Who Really Loves You
Two Lovers and Other Great Hits
Recorded Live On Stage

Two Lovers and Other Great Hits is an album released by Motown singer Mary Wells, the third album she released while recording for the label. It debuted on the Billboard album chart March 16, 1963 reaching #49, remaining on the chart for eight weeks. The album composed of Wells' third top ten hit, "Two Lovers", the follow-up hit, "Laughing Boy" and the b-side to the "Two Lovers" single, "Operator", the latter song later re-recorded as a minor hit for fellow Motown female crooner, Brenda Holloway.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Two Lovers" (Smokey Robinson)
  2. "Guess Who" (Jo Anne Belvin)
  3. "My 2 Arms - You = Tears" (Clarence Paul, William "Mickey" Stevenson, Marvin Gaye)
  4. "Goody Goody" (Matty Malneck, Johnny Mercer)
  5. "Stop Right Here" (Mary Wells, Melvin Franklin)

Side two[edit]

  1. "Laughing Boy" (Smokey Robinson)
  2. "Looking Back" (Belford Hendricks, Brook Benton, Clyde Otis)
  3. "(I Guess There's) No Love" (Berry Gordy)
  4. "Was It Worth It?" (Berry Gordy)
  5. "Operator" (Smokey Robinson)