Two Man Advantage

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Two Man Advantage
Origin Long Island, New York, U.S.
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1997–present
Website Official website
Members Drunk Bastard
Past members Teemu Heineken
Amstel Fuhr

Two Man Advantage is a hockey themed punk rock group, from Merrick, Long Island, New York. They met via Beer-League hockey and formed the band in 1997. Their shows are very wild and can be intimidating for first time viewers. The entire band wears customized Two Man Advantage hockey jerseys on stage, while Drunk Bastard wears a homemade wrestling mask and Captain wears a retro composite goalie mask. Their songs are very fast and are almost always about either hockey or beer.

In the year 2001, a documentary was made about the band called "69 Minutes of Fame." It was shot while the band was on a nine-day tour with the band "Phil A. Sheo With the Goods." New York based film maker, Mark Foster, joined Two Man Advantage on the road with his video camera and edited his irotage into a 45 minutes short which introduces the viewer to the band. The film explores their personalities, their day jobs, and their love of hockey. They are also known for being the only band to ever get beaten up by one person.

The band achieved some degree of notoriety in 2004 for a legal entanglement with the Zamboni Company over the song "Zamboni Driving Maniac". The band received a cease and desist letter from Zamboni, alleging that the band's song did not mesh with the company's public image. Many songs pay homage to the 1980s New York Islanders, and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Two Man Advantage was active in the New York Hardcore scene for many years, and still continues to play shows locally throughout the New York metro area. The band still occasionally travels to other cities and states to play shows. They have devoted followings in Richmond, VA, Columbus, OH, and Washington, DC.

Current members[edit]

  • Spag, AKA Drunk Bastard (formerly Bud Tkachuk):: Vocals
  • Rob, AKA Skate :: Vocals/Guitar
  • Jeff, AKA Captain :: Guitar
  • Jeff, AKA Snapshot :: Bass
  • Aaron, AKA Coach :: Drums
  • Mike, AKA MYK :: Metallization
  • John, AKA Rookie :: Crowd Instigator, Live Bait

Former members[edit]

  • Mark, AKA Teemu Heineken :: Bass
  • Harry, AKA Amstel Fuhr :: Drums


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