Rodent Popsicle Records

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Rodent Popsicle Records
Rodent Popsicle Records.jpg
Founded 1992
Founder Bill Damon
Distributor(s) Dr. Strange Records
Ebullition Records
Morphius Records
Profane Existence
Revelation Records
Genre Hardcore punk
Crust punk
Street punk
Country of origin United States
Location Allston, Massachusetts
Official website

Rodent Popsicle is an American record label, founded by Bill Damon, best known as the singer of the band Toxic Narcotic, with the help of his bandmates. Following the D.I.Y. ethic, the purpose of the label is to not pursue profits from the releases, instead, help bands to get heard. The label has released albums by A Global Threat, Fleas and Lice, Darkbuster, Toxic Narcotic, Mouth Sewn Shut, The Profit$, Retching Red, The Restarts, Naked Aggression, Iskra and The Varukers among others, reaching more than 100 records released.


In the beginning, the label was set to release only a few records by Toxic Narcotic, but the label quickly started to grow, releasing the first 7" EP of the Hingham band The Unseen, titled Too Young To Know... Too Reckless To Care in 1994, this would help to get known in the Boston area. Some of the early releases included Food Chain in Your Living Room by August Spies, Populution, New Ways to Create Waste and 2 Oz. Slab of Hate by Toxic Narcotic.

At the end of the 90s the label released the compilations Another Boston Punk Comp. and Boston Punk 2000, supporting local Boston bands, and the Toxic Narcotic split albums with Whorehouse of Representatives, and The Unseen among other albums. Bands like A Poor Excuse, The Profit$, The Statistics, Shoot the Hostages, Razorwire and others released albums with Rodent Popsicle Records at that time.

By 2000 the label began to release albums from international bands, because of this, they decided to take a more serious stand, with an increasing volume of records, also the quality developed, having releases from bands such as Antidote and Fleas and Lice from Netherlands, the re-issue of the Murder LP and the Nothing's Changed EP of The Varukers in one CD, Allergic to Whores from Cleveland, Iskra from Canada, Bristle from Seattle, Naked Aggression from Los Angeles, Virulent Strain from New York City, Fabulous Disaster from San Francisco, Clusterfux from Denver and several Boston bands like A Global Threat, Tommy & The Terrors, The Epidemic, The Profit$, Mouth Sewn Shut, State Control, Mung (featuring members of The Freeze, Darkbuster, Wrecking Crew, and Avoid One Thing), Midnight Creeps, Disaster Strikes, Retching Red, Capo Regime, 26 Beers, Short Changed, and Two Man Advantage to name a few.

Besides the mentioned bands and releases, the label has put out records like California Republic, a 4-way split album featuring songs by The Abuse, Cropknox, Monster Squad and Whiskey Rebels, also released by Burnt Ramen Records; Boston Massacre Vol. 1, featuring the Toxic Narcotic / The Unseen split, and the self-titled EPs by The Statistics and A Poor Excuse in one CD, and Boston Massacre Vol. 2, with the Toxic Narcotic / A Global Threat split, Outbound by Tommy & The Terrors and Dying for Dollars by the Profit$; a double disc compilation titled Boston: A Punk And Hardcore Compilation, featuring 60 tracks with bands in Rodent Popsicle and other bands from Boston; also, a DVD with the live performance by Toxic Narcotic in Boston filmed at their 15th Anniversary show on December 18, 2004 (2004-12-18).

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