Two Soldiers (1943 film)

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Two Soldiers
Directed byLeonid Lukov
Written byYevgeni Gabrilovich
Lev Slavin (novel)
StarringBoris Andreyev
Mark Bernes
CinematographyAleksandr Gintsburg
Music byNikita Bogoslovsky Vladimir Agatov
Release date
6 October 1943
Running time
80 minutes
Two Soldiers (full film)

Two Soldiers or Two Warriors (Russian: Два бойца, Dva boitsa) is a 1943 war film made in Tashkent (where the Soviet cinema industry had been evacuated) at the height of the Great Patriotic War. The film stars Boris Andreyev and Mark Bernes as two war buddies.[1] The "beautiful" film was directed by Leonid Lukov.[2]

The movie features two of Nikita Bogoslovsky's most famous songs, Dark Is the Night and Boatfuls of Mullet. Both were performed by Mark Bernes. His warm and sincere delivery of Dark Is the Night won the sympathy of millions of Soviet people, catapulting Bernes into enduring fame.[3]



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