Type 2 Ke-To

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Type 2 Ke-To
Type 2 Ke-To light tank
Place of origin Empire of Japan
Production history
Designed 1941
Produced 1944–1945[1]
No. built 34[2]
Specifications (Type 2 Ke-To[3])
Weight 7.20 tonnes
Length 4.11 meters
Width 2.12 meters
Height 1.82 meters
Crew 3

Armor 6–16 mm
Type 1 37 mm gun
7.7 mm machine gun
Engine Mitsubishi Type 100 air-cooled diesel
130 hp (97 kW)
Suspension Bell crank
186 kilometers
Speed 50 km/h

The Type 2 Ke-To (二式軽戦車 ケト, Nishiki keisensha Ke-To) was a light tank of World War II, produced in small numbers for the Imperial Japanese Army as an improvement of the existing Type 98 Ke-Ni. It was not used in combat.[4]

Rear view of a Type 2 Ke-To


The Type 2 Ke-To was based on the Type 98, using the same engine and bell crank suspension.[3][5] However, the gun turret was enlarged and the main armament was changed to the more powerful Type 1 37 mm gun,[5] with a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s.[4] The new 37 mm gun used gave the tank "slightly better performance".[5] The designation “Type 2” represented the year 1942, “Ke” represented “light”, and “To” represented the number seven.[4]


Production commenced in 1944, with 34 units completed by the end of the war.[2][4] They were never used in combat.[4]



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