USS Intrepid

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USS Intrepid may refer to:

  • USS Intrepid (1798), an armed ketch captured as a prize by the US Navy on 23 December 1803. Later used by Commodore Stephen Decatur on a mission to enter Tripoli harbor and destroy the captured USS Philadelphia. The vessel was later exploded in the harbor of Tripoli 4 September 1804.
  • USS Intrepid (1874), an experimental steam torpedo ram commissioned 31 July 1874 and sold 9 May 1892
  • USS Intrepid (1904), a training and receiving ship launched 8 October 1904 and sold 20 December 1921
  • USS Intrepid (CV-11), an aircraft carrier launched 26 April 1943 and decommissioned 15 March 1974. Intrepid opened as a museum in New York City during August 1982 and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

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  • Intrepid was the name of the Lunar Module on Apollo 12