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UTS Northern Suburbs Athletic Club is an athletics club based in Sydney, NSW. It is one of Australia's oldest athletics clubs and has taken an active role in the sport for 92 years. The first Northern Suburbs Amateur Athletic Club was originally formed in 1914. One of its premier athletes at the time was L.R Frith who was predominately a miler but often did the 'half'. The club had to close in 1917 partly because of the demands of World War 1, and partly because its leading athlete LR Frith was poached by the Sydney University Athletics Club. Northern Suburbs Amateur Athletic Club was reborn in 1927 and its next great athlete was Frank O'Brien, an all round champion of the 1930s. O'Brien won Norths' first State title in 1930 when he won the NSW pentathlon championship and he defended it successfully every year until 1937 when he retired. A versatile athlete, he also won the 1935 decathlon championships and the State 440 yards title in 1936. He won the Australian Championships over 440 yards that same year, making him the club's first national title holder. In 1994 a merger between the Northern Suburbs Amateur Athletic Club and the University of Technology, Sydney saw the beginning of the next phase of the club's development.

The Club has been based at Rotary Athletics Field, Chatswood West since 1967.

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