Vertigo (UTS)

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Categories Youth
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation 5000
Year founded 1991
Company UTS Students' Association
Country Australia
Based in Sydney
Language English
Website Vertigo Online

Vertigo is the student publication of the University of Technology, Sydney.[1] Its name derives from the university's main building, which is a 28-storey brutal modernist tower block and how the Vertigo Offices were originally at its summit (they have since been moved to Level 3). Vertigo is published by the UTS Students' Association.[2][3]

The name Vertigo was adopted in 1991. Previously the student newspaper had been called Newswit, a leftover from when UTS was the NSW Institute of Technology.[citation needed]


Each edition contains an editorial, satire, serious feature articles, music and movie reviews and profiles on popular artists. Comics and other artworks often are printed by the magazine, but may not be in every issue.

Office Bearer Reports[edit]

Vertigo is constitutionally required to print Office Bearer Reports for the UTS Students' Association Office Bearers if they would like to inform the student population about their role and activities.[4] This has often led to controversies as the editorial direction often attracts a readership which may be at political odds with some Office Bearers' beliefs.[5]


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