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UX, Ux, or ux may refer to:

Electronics and software[edit]

  • iHub UX Lab
  • LG UX
  • Sony Vaio UX Micro PC, a computer brand first marketed by Sony in 2006
  • Unix, a computer operating system
    • A/UX, an implementation of Unix by Apple Computer, based on AT&T Unix SVR2.2
    • DG/UX, an implementation of Unix by Data General, based on UNIX System V
    • HP-UX, an implementation of Unix by Hewlett-Packard, based on UNIX System III and UNIX System V

Science and technology[edit]



  • User experience, a person's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a product, system, or service


  • Uranium-X, the historical name for the element protactinium


  • Ux, Latin for "wife" in a legal context; see et ux
  • Ux or ux, a digraph representing Ŭ or ŭ in the X-system scheme for transliterating Esperanto into ASCII




Other uses[edit]

  • les UX, an underground organization that improves parts of Paris