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Ubauro is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 28°06′N 69°26′E / 28.10°N 69.44°E / 28.10; 69.44Coordinates: 28°06′N 69°26′E / 28.10°N 69.44°E / 28.10; 69.44
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
Elevation 64 m (210 ft)
 • Density 20,000/km2 (50,000/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of towns 1
Number of Union councils 1

Ubauro is a town in Ghotki District in Northern Sindh province, Pakistan.[1] It is located at 27°21'5N 68°31'12E with an altitude of 47 meters.[2] Ubauro is a great last town of Sindh Province on National Highway towards Punjab. population of Sindhis, Saraykis, Punjabis and Muhajirs and all languages of these people spoken and understood. The source of income for the majority of population is related with agriculture and trading of its products. Ubauro was given the status of Tehsil (Taluqa) during the British Raj, and many buildings were constructed here for administration and revenue collection. Ubauro has all the four weather including nice monsoon in July and August. Before partition it was small but beautiful walled city in which majority was Hindu population. The hindus of Ubauro were well off and they owned many lands and business not only in nearby area but far flung areas of country. They constructed beautiful houses and many spots nearby well locations. These Hindus were not only well off and business minded but they had political awareness during that era also. There were many accessible gates to enter in the town and this town was constructed on some elevated place in order to protect it from floods of river Indus. This town is surrounded by lush green fertile lands, which grow many crops including the vegetable and fruits. Before partition, this town was populated by Hindus, Chachars, Samas, Dahars, Dayas, Thaeems, Soomros, etc. After partition the demography of Ubauro was completely changed and with the migration of Hindus many other Sindhi and Balouch tribes settled in Ubaurao and Muhajirs and Punjabis migrated and settled in this town. Politically Dahar family has influence over the people of Ubauro from beginning. Jam Bhamboo Khan Dahar was renowned Dahar head during pre partition time. After that, jam, Abdul razaq Khan, Jam Muneer Ahmed, Jam Mumtaz Hussian and Jam Mehtab Hussain are from that Dahar Family.