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Uke may refer to:


  • Sıtkı Üke (1876–1941), officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army
  • Uke Clanton (1898–1960), Major League Baseball first baseman who played for one season. Nicknamed "Cat", he played for the Cleveland Indians for one game on September 21, 1922
  • Uke Rugova



  • Uke (martial arts), role in training
  • Uke, a.k.a. Ukrainian, person identified with nationality of Ukraine
  • Uke, a submissive role in a relationship between males in yaoi or shōnen-ai media
  • Ukulele, musical instrument
  • Üké, Uke, or Ükä Tibetan, a term for the most widely understood dialect of Tibetan
  • Mighty Uke, a 2010 documentary film about the ukulele. It combines graphics, photographs, interviews and performance footage to tell the story of the ukulele and its recent resurgence in popularity
  • Uke Mochi, a goddess of food in the Shinto religion of Japan

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