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Umka and Bronevik in Chicago, November 2009.

Umka and Bronevik (Russian: Умка и Броневик, "Umka and the Armoured Car"), sometimes abbreviated as Umka & Bro, is a Russian band playing in the American and British guitar rock styles of 1960-1970s, ranging from classic rhythm-and-blues to psychedelic.

The present band members are:

  • Anna Gerasimova ("Umka"), lead singer, songwriter
  • Boris Kanunnikov, lead guitar
  • Mikhail Trofimenko, bass guitar
  • Boris Markov, drums
  • Igor Oistrakh, harp

Umka's songs and the Bronevik music are influenced by Grateful Dead, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, as well as Russian Silver Age poets: Daniil Kharms, Osip Mandelshtam, Alexander Vvedensky.


Note: only the CDs listed on the English official site are listed here.
  • 1998 The CD (Russian: Компакт)
  • 1998 To Command The Parade (Командовать парадом)
  • 1999 Mole's Move (Ход кротом)
  • 2000 Dandelion Movie (Кино из одуванчиков)
  • 2000 Weltschmerz
  • 2001 Stash (Заначка)
  • 2002 Handicap's Paradise (Рай для инвалидов)
  • 2003 Unplugged
  • 2004 Victory Park (Парк Победы)
  • 2004 Umka and Bro at AnTrop's (Умка и Броневичок на студии "АнТроп")
  • 2005 600
  • 2006 No Fear (Ничего страшного)
  • 2007 Breaking Isn't Building (Ломать не строить)
  • 2009 Closer Sessions (a vinyl LP album recorded in the USA on the Porto Franco Records label)

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