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Umm Qirfa was an Arab leader of the pagan tribe of Banu Fazara in Wadi Al-Qura. She was the wife of Malik ibn Hudhayfa ibn Badr al-Fazari.[1] She was killed by Zayd ibn Haritha on the orders of Muhammad "by putting a rope into her two legs and to two camels and driving them until they rent her in two....".[2][3] Her severed head was later paraded all over the streets of Medina.[4]

Ibn Ishaq, the "first biographer" of Muhammad writes that:

Allah’s Messenger sent Zayd to Wadi Qura, where he encountered the Banu Fazarah. Some of his Companions were killed, and Zayd was carried away wounded. Ward was slain by the Banu Badr. When Zayd returned, he vowed that no washing should touch his head until he had raided the Fazarah. After he recovered, Muhammad sent him with an army against the Fazarah settlement. He met them in Qura and inflicted casualties on them and took Umm Qirfah prisoner. He also took one of Umm’s daughters and Abdallah bin Mas’adah prisoner. Ziyad bin Harithah ordered Qays to kill Umm Qirfah, and he killed her cruelly. He tied each of her legs with a rope and tied the ropes to two camels, and they split her in two.

— Tabari Vol 8: page 96

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