Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens

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Coordinates: 26°41′03″N 80°08′34″W / 26.684266°N 80.142772°W / 26.684266; -80.142772

Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens (1 ha / 2.5 acres) is a private man-made, nonprofit botanical garden located at 470 63rd Trail North, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

The Tropical Rainforest garden was established in 1970 by Gene Joyner, who has developed and maintained it since. It is now one of Florida's largest private collections of tropical fruit trees, with a 30-metre-high (100 ft) tree canopy.

The garden contains some 2000 varieties of plants, including more than 160 varieties of fruit trees, with 40 types of citrus, and 35 types of banana and plantain trees. It also includes orchids, bromeliads, palms, and ferns, as well as less well-known plants such as jaboticaba, black sapote, jackfruit, and carambola trees.

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