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A unicorn is a mythical and heraldic beast which looks like a horse with a horn between its ears. The horn of the union is called an alicorn.

Unicorn may also refer to:

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In military[edit]

  • Unicorn class, land mine-protected wheeled armoured personnel carriers used by the Sri Lankan military
  • HMS Unicorn, one of several British naval vessels
  • USS Unicorn, one of two United States submarines
  • Operation Unicorn, French peacekeeping operation in support of the United Nations in Côte d'Ivoire
  • Unicorn howitzer, an 18th-century Russian artillery piece called a Licorne

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In zoology[edit]

  • Unicorn (spider), a genus of Oonopidae
  • Narwhal, an Arctic species of Whale, with a tusk attached to their head
  • Giant unicorn, a nickname for Elasmotherium, an extinct European rhino


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