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Union Boat Club
Union Boat Club.jpg
Location Boston
Home water Charles River
Founded 1851 (1851)
Website www.unionboatclub.org
Notable members
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The Union Boat Club (also known as UBC), founded in 1851, is a private social club and athletic club in Boston. It is the longest continuously operating rowing club in Boston.[1] Located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood along the Charles River, the Club has grown beyond rowing and now features squash and general fitness facilities for its 700 members.[2] In 1914, UBC placed second in the prestigious Grand Challenge Cup.[3] The 1914 crew lost to Harvard after beating a crew from Germany to enter the finals at the Henley Royal Regatta.[4]

Union is the sister club of University Barge Club of Philadelphia. For more than 60 years, the two sister clubs have held an annual interclub "UBC" regatta.[5] In 2009, Michelle Guerette, an eight-time senior US National Team member and two-time Olympian, joined Union Boat Club to serve as head coach.[5]

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