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The Charles River in Massachusetts has a significant number of boathouses on its banks, from its mouth at Boston Harbor to its source at Echo Lake in Hopkinton.

The boathouses are mostly situated along the Boston and Cambridge banks of the Charles River Basin, upstream as far as the Arsenal Street Bridge, and downstream as far as the Charles River Dam. Many of the boathouses belong to universities, including Boston University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Northeastern University. Other boathouses belong to private clubs, some of which date back to the 19th century, while others belong to non-profit organizations dedicated to making the river accessible to the public for various types of boating. There are a modest number of for-profit boathouses that offer public boating services on the river above the Watertown Dam. Charles River Canoe & Kayak, which operates a boathouse in Newton, also provides rental services at other locations on the river.

The biggest event of the year involving the boathouses is the Head of the Charles Regatta, held every October. The houses see usage nearly year-round, weather permitting and pending the icing over of the Charles in winter months.

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This list starts from the mouth of the river, with the first house near the Charles River Dam Bridge, and continues upstream. The nearest crossing to each boathouse is marked with an asterisk (*).

Boathouse name Location Owner Downstream crossing Upstream crossing Built Notes
DCR boathouse Charles River DCR Boathouse.jpg
1 Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge
42°22′06″N 71°04′24″W / 42.36839°N 71.073348°W / 42.36839; -71.073348 (DCR Boathouse)
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation *Charles River Dam Bridge Longfellow Bridge c. 1910 Located to the north of the Museum of Science parking garage at the mouth the Lechmere Canal, this boathouse dates to the period of the first dam's construction.
Charlesgate Yacht Club Charles River Charlesgate Yacht Club.jpg
20 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge
Charlesgate Yacht Club *Charles River Dam Bridge Longfellow Bridge This club has small structures on its docks, and no land-based facilities.
Community Boating Boathouse Community Boating Boston.JPG
21 David Mugar Way, Boston MA[1]
42°21′35″N 71°04′23″W / 42.359836°N 71.073015°W / 42.359836; -71.073015 (Community Boating Boathouse)
Community Boating, Inc *Longfellow Bridge Harvard Bridge 1941 Community Boating is a non-profit operation providing sailing lessons and access to small sailboats.
Union Boat Club Clubhouse Charles River Union Club Boathouse.jpg
144 Chestnut Street, Boston MA[2]
42°21′28″N 71°04′24″W / 42.357815°N 71.073374°W / 42.357815; -71.073374 (Union Boat Club Boathouse)
Union Boat Club[3] *Longfellow Bridge Harvard Bridge 1851? (founding of the club) The Union Boat Club is the longest continuously operating rowing club in Boston.
MIT Sailing Pavilion Wood Sailing Pavilion (MIT Building 51).jpg
Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Longfellow Bridge *Harvard Bridge 1935 The first facility constructed for college sailing[4]
Charles River Yacht Club Charles River Yacht Club.jpg
Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Charles River Yacht Club Longfellow Bridge *Harvard Bridge
H.W. Pierce Boathouse Pierce Boathouse (MIT Building W8).jpg
409 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[5] *Harvard Bridge Boston University Bridge September 9, 1966[6] Also called the "MIT Boathouse".
DeWolfe Boathouse
BU Boathouse.jpg

619 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Boston University[7] Harvard Bridge *Boston University Bridge 1999[7] Commonly referred to as the "BU Boathouse".
Riverside Boat Club[8] Charles River Riverside Boat Club.jpg
796 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Riverside Boat Club Boston University Bridge *River Street Bridge 1912 The Riverside Boat Club was founded in 1869. Those wishing to join must go through a five step application process before becoming a provisional member. Used by Northeastern University from 1963 to 1990.[9]
BU Sailing Pavilion Charles River BU Sailing Pavilion.jpg
Storrow Drive, Boston MA
Harvard Bridge *Boston University Bridge River Street Bridge Boathouse for the Boston University sailing squad
Weld Boathouse

971 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA
Harvard University[10] John W. Weeks Bridge *Anderson Memorial Bridge 1889 main section built in 1906.[11] Commonly referred to as the "Radcliffe Boathouse". Home of Harvard's women's rowing team. It is also home to Harvard University's club sculling program, the Harvard Kennedy School Rowing Club, and the intramural crew teams for Harvard College's houses.[12]
Newell Boathouse Charles River Newell Boathouse.jpg
65 Soldiers Field Road, Boston (Allston), MA
Harvard University[13][14] *Anderson Memorial Bridge Eliot Bridge 1900 Home of the men's rowing team and the Harvard University Boat Club
Cambridge Boatclub Charles River Cambridge Boatclub.jpg
2 Gerry's Landing, Cambridge MA
Cambridge Boat Club (CBC) Anderson Memorial Bridge *Eliot Bridge 1909? (founding of the club) A 325-member private rowing and social club involved in a variety of outreach projects.
BB&N Boathouse Charles River BBN Boathouse.jpg
Cambridge MA
Buckingham Browne & Nichols Anderson Memorial Bridge *Eliot Bridge Immediately adjacent to the Cambridge Boatclub.
Winsor and Belmont Hill Boathouse Charles River Belmont Hill and Winsor Schools Boathouse.jpg
5 Greenough Blvd, Cambridge MA
The Winsor and Belmont Hill Schools *Eliot Bridge Arsenal Street Bridge 2002 Eight time New England Youth 4+ Champions (2003–2010)
Henderson Boathouse
Charles River Henderson Boathouse.jpg

1350 Soldiers Field Road, Boston (Brighton) MA
Northeastern University[15] Eliot Bridge *Arsenal Street Bridge[16]
42°21′51″N 71°8′29.7″W / 42.36417°N 71.141583°W / 42.36417; -71.141583 (Henderson Boathouse)
1989[17] Cost $2.5 Million.[17]
The Harry Parker Boathouse
Community Rowing, Harry Parker Boathouse, Charles River.jpg

20 Nonantum Road, Boston (Brighton) MA
42°21′31″N 71°9′56″W / 42.35861°N 71.16556°W / 42.35861; -71.16556 (Harry Parker Boathouse)
Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI)[18][19] *North Beacon Street Bridge Watertown Bridge[19] 2008[18] 30,000 sq ft. building, cost $11.45 Million. It's a public boathouse. CRI offers private lessons at the boathouse.[18][19] It will be used by Boston College.[17]
Newton Boathouse
NewtonMA CharlesRiverCanoeAndKayakBoathouse.jpg

2401 Commonwealth Avenue (Route 30), Newton MA
42°20.683′N 71°15.582′W / 42.344717°N 71.259700°W / 42.344717; -71.259700 (Newton Boathouse)[20]
Boston Outdoor Recreation Gold Star Mothers Bridge (Prospect Street, Waltham) *Commonwealth Avenue (Rt. 30)[20] Does rentals, sales, and instructional programs.
Lasell College Boathouse
CharlesRiver LasellCollegeBoathouse.jpg

Charles Street, Auburndale, Newton, MA
42°20′30″N 71°15′30″W / 42.341550°N 71.258297°W / 42.341550; -71.258297 (Lasell College Boathouse)
Lasell College I95-I90 connector bridge *closed footbridge between Charles Street, Auburndale and Recreation Road, Weston Used primaraly by the Noble and Greenough School, as well as a recreational rowing program at Lasell College and the CRI "Learn to skull" proagram.
Nahanton Park Boathouse
Charles River Canoe and Kayak, Newton MA.jpg

Nahanton Street, Newton MA
42°17′50″N 71°12′27″W / 42.29731°N 71.207421°W / 42.29731; -71.207421 (Nahanton Park Boathouse)[20]
Charles River Canoe and Kayak *Nahanton Street Bridge Needham Street Bridge Does rentals, sales, and instructional programs.
Dexter Southfield Boathouse
CharlesRiver DexterSouthfieldBoathouse.jpg

100 Bridge Street, Dedham MA
42°16′04.9″N 71°10′30.2″W / 42.268028°N 71.175056°W / 42.268028; -71.175056 (Dexter Southfield Boathouse)
Dexter Southfield School *Cawley Memorial Bridge (Route 109) Ames Street Bridge
Noble and Greenough Boathouse
NG Boathouse.jpg

Campus Dr., Dedham MA
42°15′30.5″N 71°11′17.8″W / 42.258472°N 71.188278°W / 42.258472; -71.188278 (Noble and Greenough Boathouse)
Noble and Greenough School *Route 109 Bridge I-95 Bridge


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