Union Pacific 4466

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Union Pacific 4466
UP 4466 Neil916.JPG
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Lima Locomotive Works
Serial number 6003
Build date October, 1920
 • Whyte 0-6-0
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver dia. 51 in (1,295 mm)
Adhesive weight 159,000 lb (72,000 kg)
Loco weight 159,000 lb (72,000 kg)
Fuel type Coal
Cylinder size 21 in (530 mm) dia × 26 in (660 mm) stroke
Performance figures
Tractive effort 34,400 lbf (153,000 N), 78,000 lbf (350,000 N) with booster
Operators Union Pacific
Class S-6
Numbers 4466
Retired 1962
Restored 1984
Current owner California State Railroad Museum

Union Pacific 4466 is an 0-6-0 type steam locomotive built in October 1920 for the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) to perform switching chores and transfer runs. 4466 spent most of its career in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as a shop switcher and was the UP Cheyenne Shop's last steam shop switcher. After its stint in Cheyenne, 4466 was transferred to Grand Island, Nebraska, remaining there until 1973.[1] it was donated to California State Railroad Museum in 1978. In 1984, it was restored to service and pulled museum excursions. In 1986, 4466 ventured to Vancouver, British Columbia, to be part of Steam Expo '86.[2] 4466 now resides in retirement. It has been sold to the Niles Canyon Railroad to be restored to service. As of 2016, the locomotive is at the California State Railroad Museum, in two pieces, preparing to be shipped by truck.[citation needed]

SteamExpo 86


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