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The Unistraw Delivery System (UDS) is a patented straw-delivery system created by Unistraw International Limited in 1997, and released commercially in 2005. The UDS can add flavour, energy, vitamins, nutrition, and even pharmaceuticals - to liquid sipped through it.

The Unistraw Delivery System (UDS)[edit]

The Unistraw Delivery System (UDS) consists of three parts: a transparent plastic straw; patented filters inserted and welded into both ends of the straw housing; and hundreds of small pellets, called UniBeads contained inside the straw housing. Either end of the straw is inserted into liquid. When the consumer sips through the straw, the liquid passes through the filters to dissolve the UniBeads inside, delivering the flavour or functional compounds contained within the UniBeads to the consumer.

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws[edit]

See Sipahh

Mai'a Iced Coffee Straws[edit]

Unistraw International Limited's second product release, Mai'a Iced Coffee Straws, were released commercially in Australia in October 2006.

Mai'a Iced Coffee Straws are designed to flavour a 250mL/ 8.5oz glass of cold milk, and are pitched to young adults as a healthier and more convenient alternative to other iced coffee drinks. They are available in three flavours: Espresso, Mocha, and Cappuccino.

Future Applications[edit]

Unistraw International Limited plan to release further brands based on the Unistraw Delivery System, and will license the technology to third parties, to add flavour, fortification, energy-giving compounds, vitamins and minerals, nutraceuticals and probiotics, medical and clinical nutrition, and possibly pharmaceuticals - to a variety of liquids including milk, water, soda, and juices.

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